About the Honors Program

The Honors Program provides special education opportunities for academically prepared, highly motivated undergraduate students. 

We have one of the oldest honors programs in the United States, and we continue to provide the best education possible to the moral and ethical leaders of the future.

Honors Courses

We offer small courses - limited to about 15 students - which provide students the opportunity to discuss, debate and exchange ideas in a way not usually possible in a large lecture environment. In most Honors Program classes, students can expect to undertake more individual research, have some influence on the direction and topics of the course, and be counted on by the rest of the class for input.

The Honors Thesis

Through the Honors Program, undergraduate students can write and defend an honors thesis to graduate from the University of Colorado Boulder with Latin honors: cum laude, magna cum laude, or summa cum laude.

The Honors Residential Academic Program

Honors RAP, located in Smith Hall, is a challenging and supportive co-educational living-learning community open to all honors-qualified students, of all majors. You can visit their website at honorsrap.colorado.edu.

A Short History of the Honors Program