How to Apply to the Program

Who is Eligible?

  • Guardian Scholars students volunteer for Habitat for HumanityYouth under the age of 24
  • According to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
    • Foster Care after the age of 13
    • Both parents deceased (orphan)
    • Dependent or Ward of the Court
    • Legal/court appointed guardianship
    • Emancipated Youth (by the Court)
    • Unaccompanied homeless youth/at-risk of homelessness
    • Kinship care, group home, or determined to be independent via Professional Judgment appeal

Participation Requirements:

  • Meet with your Program Coordinator or Guardian Scholars Mentor at least 3 times in the fall and 3 times in the spring semesters
  • Attend 3 study skills, financial literacy, career, graduate school, or personal development seminars provided by Guardian Scholars per semester
  • Attend Community/Family Dinners
  • Attend Community Service Retreats

To be eligible for an additional scholarship, students need to meet the above requirement AND maintain at least a 2.5 GPA each semester.

Eligible students are enouraged to apply by submitting the TRiO Student Support Services Program Application.  Submit completed application to or submit in person to the TRiO Office at 259 Fleming.  Questions?  Contact: (303) 492-3842.