CU-Boulder Guardian Scholars Program

It is more than just a scholarship......

    What is the Guardian Scholars Program?

    Guardian Scholars is a part of the TRiO Student Support Services Program.  We provide comprehensive and holistic student support services designed to nurture the academic success and professional development of students who have experienced foster care.  Our program also addressed the unique personal and financial challenges former foster care recipients may face while pursuing their undergraduate degrees at CU Boulder.

    Program goals:

    • Increase the retention and graduation rates of students who have aged out of foster care.
    • Support a successful transition into the university’s academic and social communities
    • Build students’ life skills to ensure post –baccalaureate success.
    • Provide support for students in the realms of academics, health, housing, life skills, relationships, identity, finances, and employment
    • Bolster students’ civic and social responsibility.

    The Guardian Scholars Program provides:

    • Academic Support and Development:
    • Personal Support and Life Skills Development
    • Mentoring
    • Leadership and Community Development:
    • Campus Inclusion
    • Funding