Facilities Management

University of Colorado Boulder

Projects in Planning & Design

Village Center Dining and Community Center
Euclid AutoPark Addition (CASE)
Wilderness Place Renovation
Pod J Development

Village Center Dining & Community Center

Start: July 2015
End: Spring 2017
Cost: $47,665,000
Gross Square Feet: 106,646

This project will result in a new dining and residence life center for the Williams Village campus, replacing the Darley Commons facilities. 

Euclid AutoPark Addition

Start: Fall 2015
End: TBD
Cost: $43,000,000
Gross Square Feet: 105,000–114,000

Classroom and office spaces will be constructed over the Euclid Avenue AutoPark as part of the new Center for Academic Success and Engagement (CASE). 

Wilderness Place Renovation

Start: TBD
End: TBD
Cost: $10,500,000
Gross Square Feet: 60,000

This project involves the renovation of an off-campus lab building to provide modern vivarium facilities to support behavioral research groups in the life sciences programs. Considered a 7-10 year interim solution to a permanent East Campus facility, the renovation provides a timely and cost-effective alternative to either new construction or renovation of existing facilities.

POD J Development

This joint project with Nexcore Group and Davis Partnership involves constructing a medical office building for university physicians on a small parcel on East Campus, located at the corner of Foothills Parkway and Colorado Avenue. The building will be leased to university physicians to bring specialists closer to Boulder.