The Engineers Without Borders Peru team at the University of Colorado is one of the first and oldest EWB in the country, established in 2002. As a completely student-run organization, the team has completed various projects such as water transportation and building latrines. Currently they are partnering with Huacapongo, a small community in Peru. After several assessment trips, and slight change in direction from Summer 2016, the team is finally ready to implement. 

Over this past winter break, the Peru team completed their final assessment trip in Huacapongo. The team used new equipment, such as the Zip Level, to collect and finalize data. Additonally, the Education and Learning team interviewed the community members and held the inaugural Semi-Annual Community Night. At the community night, the team informed the members how the system works and what our team plans to fix. This resulted in a fun, interactive way to communicate with the people of Huacapongo. Currently, the team is working hard to finalize their Pre-Implementation documents for their coming trip in the summer.