Since 2007, the EWB Nepal team has been working on several projects in Ilam In partnership with a local NGO, the Namsaling Community Development Center. One example of a past project was the construction of a wetlands wastewater treatment system to treat sewage from Ilam’s district hospital. The previous system depended on a series of shallow leeching tanks, which contaminated the area’s groundwater and the community’s springs downstream of the hospital. Since the completion of this project, the team continues to monitor the progress of the treatment system.

Currently, after assessing the community’s needs from the past summer trip, the team has decided to build a filtration system at the Godak spring site. Ultimate goals of this project include protecting spring water from run-off contamination, improving community access particularly during the dry season and increasing stakeholder awareness on the conservation of watershed resources. Along with our technical engineering solutions, the team analyzes the sustainability and feasibility of implementing strong educational programs and projects in our future communities. This partnership of technical and educational solutions aims to promote a healthier and cleaner environment for the community members of Ilam and our future community.