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Weekly Meetings: Wednesdays at 6:30pm in the ECCR 1B41.

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After our latest assessment trip, we’ve determined that water is the biggest need for Cyanika, our partnering community.  In this sector, poverty is rampant and obtaining clean water is very difficult.  Tap stands are scarce and the ones that are available are far too expensive for most of the community members to afford.  As a result, people collect water from ditches or lakes, sometimes three to five miles away. Desipte their hardships, the people of Cyanika are incredible: hard-working, loyal, and friendly beyond belief. 

Our mission is to design rain water catchment systems that will not only store, but also cleanse the water as it falls during Rwanda’s rainy seasons.  These systems will provide a much-needed source for cleaner, cheaper water to the community.  In this short partnership (1 year), we’ve managed to install three such systems already; we hope to add two more to that list within the next year but may be limited by funding. Cyanika is an incredibly amiable community. Their dedication and passion toward this partnership makes it very promising.



Summer 2014 Update and Future Involvement

This summer we sent two travel teams to Cyanika to build the first three water-catchement systems. They were a huge success and are allready in full use providing water year round. With continued dedication shown on behalf of the community and our own team in Boulder, this partnership is on pace to last for years to come.  There are still several villages within the Cyanika sector that badly need clean, affordable water and our working together can provide that for them.  We will continue to design and implement rain water catchment systems until another shortage in the community becomes more prominent.

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A Word of Thanks

"Whenever [we visit] the country the issue with the distribution of clean water in many regions is apparent. Its obvious how this problem impacts everything else that stands in a way of developing this country's infrastructure. My wife has specifically mentioned water as the key area that needs attention. I am glad that I found your project."
- Henning Müller, EWB Donor

Get Involved

EWB-CU Rwanda has three primary teams; design, field, and outreach. Students who join the Rwanda program will be able to join one of these teams to have a core participation group and will gain real world experience in different areas. Some of these opportunities range from learning how to draft grants, create drawings in CAD, and writing design documents, to creating educational lessons for the community, learning about the culture of Rwanda, and working alongside professional engineers to sharpen your own skills. To join our team, email us with your interest or attend one of our weekly meetings. While the crux of our project is engineering, this endeavor requires the collaboration of many different aspects, from web designing and fundraising to language experience and educational materials. We are constantly looking for motivated and passionate undergraduate and graduate students in ALL DISCIPLINES.

Past Projects of EWB-CU Rwanda

You can read about our previous work with the Rwanda Orphan's Project below.

EWB-CU Rwanda's project arose from a partnership with the Rwandan Orphans Project, an orphanage that houses one hundred boys in the capital city of Kigali. Due to the increasing rent costs of their current facility, they recently purchased a new plot of land just outside of the city. ROP looks to expand their operation by building a community school, new dormitories, offices, greenhouses, and a community center for the local neighborhood. EWB Rwanda is spearheading the design of their school-- for the orphans as well as members of the surrounding communities. We are deep in the design phase of the building and have exciting new sub-projects in water, sanitation, and renewable energy. This is a busy and rewarding time for our program; we are looking to break ground in January by laying our foundation.


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