Undergraduate Academic Advisors

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Trying to reach an undergraduate advisor? See the list below for advisors listed by department.

Aerospace Engineering Sciences
Lauren Cole ECOT 631 303-735-0855 lauren.cole@colorado.edu
Claire Yang ECOT 633 303-492-2940 claire.yang@colorado.edu
Applied Mathematics (reception at 303-492-4668)
Anne Dougherty ECOT 220 303-492-4011 anne.dougherty@colorado.edu
Architectural Engineering
Erin Jerick ECOT 449 303-492-4804 erin.jerick@colorado.edu
David Kalahar ATLAS 225A 303-735-6588 kalahar@colorado.edu
Chemical Engineering/Chemical and Biological Engineering
Deb Renshaw JSCBB A127 303-735-8001 deb.renshaw@colorado.edu
Civil Engineering
Christina Vallejos ECOT 447 303-492-4193 christina.vallejos@colorado.edu
Computer Science
Lesley McDowell ECOT 727 303-492-6362 lesley.mcdowell@colorado.edu
Electrical Engineering/Electrical and Computer Engineering
Jessica Drelles ECEE 1B20 303-492-7671 Jessica.Drelles@colorado.edu
Beth Curtis ECEE 1B61 303-492-3511 Beth.Curtis@colorado.edu
Engineering Physics
Heather Lewandowski JILA X-435 303-492-1446 lewandoh@colorado.edu
Thomas Schibli DUAN F-527 303-492-6125 trs@colorado.edu
Charles Rogers DUAN F-631 303-492-4476 charles.rogers@colorado.edu
John Price DUAN F-635 303-492-2484 john.price@colorado.edu
Tobin Musat DUAN F-827 303-735-5596 tobin.munsat@colorado.edu
Environmental Engineering
Joanne Uleau ECES 111A 303-7350253 joann.uleau@colorado.edu
General Engineering Plus
Maureen Craig ITLL 1B12 303-735-7298 maureen.craig@colorado.edu
Humanities and Social Sciences/Writing
Leland Giovannelli Lesser House 202 303-492-0235 leland.giovannelli@colorado.edu
Mechanical Engineering
Katherine Pickens McConnell ECME 112A 303-492-8483 katherine.pickensmcconnell@colorado.edu
Ashley Ecklund ECME 112D 303-492-8735 ashley.ecklund@colorado.edu
Open Option Engineering
Lelei Finau-Starkey ECAD 100C 303-492-1146 finau@colorado.edu
James Murray ECAD 100D 303-492-9024 james.h.murray@colorado.edu
Christopher Anderson ECAD 102A 303-492-1817 cjanderson@colorado.edu


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