Degree Requirements

Course Requirements

Please also consult the MA EECD Bilingual/ Multicultural Education Degree Plan.

A minimum of 30 semester hours of graduate course work is required for the degree and must be completed in four years. The program requires 15 semester hours in bilingual, ESL, and multicultural education. The remaining 15 semester hours may be taken either in the School of Education or in other departments on campus. All students must take EDUC 55525/5605 Research Issues in Bilingual/ Special Education.

Comprehensive Examination

A comprehensive examination must be completed during the student’s last term of study for the MA degree. The examination will cover the content of all work in the program.  Students transferring course work from other institutions to this program (up to 9 hours may be taken at other approved institutions) are responsible for the same knowledge as those whose work has been taken entirely at the University of Colorado Boulder. Students must be registered for at least one credit the semester they submit their final paper/ portfolio/ project.

Transfer Credit

Transfer credits from accredited institutions are accepted by CU Boulder only after approval by the department chair/program director and under the special conditions outlined in the Graduate School Rules. Transfer credit is defined as any credit earned at another accredited institution, credits earned on another campus of the CU system, or credits earned as a non-degree student within the CU system. The maximum amount of work that may be transferred from another accredited institution to CU Boulder is nine semester hours and is accepted only after approval of the program director. All courses accepted for transfer must be graduate level courses. A course in which a grade of B- or lower was received will not be accepted for transfer. Transfer course work must not be more than five years old to the program. Credit may not be transferred until the student has completed 6 credits of graduate level course work as a degree-seeking student on the CU Boulder campus with a 3.0 GPA.

Transfer of Credit Request Form

Degree Plan

MA EECD Bilingual/ Multicultural Education Degree Plan