Admission Requirements

Minimum Requirements for Admission

All persons seeking admission to the MA-SMBF program must meet the following minimum admission requirements. Admission to all graduate programs in the School of Education is competitive. Meeting minimal admission criteria does not guarantee admission.

  1. Have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution.
  2. Have a minimum 2.75 undergraduate grade point average (GPA), and in all previous course work in Education.
  3. Have a minimum 3.0 post-baccalaureate GPA.
  4. Must be certified as an elementary or secondary teacher (exclusive of art, music, and PE). Certified secondary teachers are required to have course work in methods of teaching reading and mathematics, or take such courses in addition to the course work required for the degree.
  5. Must have a minimum of one year of teaching experience, or verified experience working with children with special needs.

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