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Semester Rentals

We have a limited amount of the $30 refurbished mountain bikes or premium rental bikes by appointment only. This fleet of brand new bikes consists of Fairdale Daybirds that have a 3 speed internal hub, fenders, and chain guard. The price structure for the premium rental is $300 deposit, $50 first semester, and $20 each additional semester. The standard rental fleet is $100 deposit, $30 first semester, and $20 each additional semester. 

Our mission is to promote sustainability on campus by growing the bicycle culture and making bikes easily accessible at the University of Colorado Boulder. We contribute to this culture by providing a bicycle to any student, faculty or staff member who is in need of a bike for a semester. 

If you need your semester rental serviced or repaired, please email

For more information please email call 303-735-BIKE.

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If vou've never visited us we are at the UMC Bike Station.

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