The Center for Western Civilization seeks to encourage critical reflection on the distinctive traditions, languages and issues that characterize the cultures of Western civilization, in order to help the citizens of Colorado and the United States understand and appreciate their past in itself and as the basis of a free and creative future.


The study of Western Civilization covers many subjects and many ages, including all the fields that study or are influenced by the history, culture and languages of most of the traditional areas of the Humane, Physical and Social Sciences. These include, but are not limited to, Greek and Latin languages and cultures, science, history, literature, the arts, law and government in their ancient, medieval and modern forms. American civilization is part of a continuum of past, present and future and can be best appreciated by those who seek to understand the lively interactions of past, present and future. 

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Robert Pasnau, Director

(303) 492-4837, 232 UCB