Recreating Your Roots

January 22-26 and February 5-7, 2018
Boulder, Colorado

Recreating Your Roots will be a two week festival that invites everyone--students, musicians, and the community--to celebrate American folk music in workshops, classes, and free concerts. It will welcome to CU and Boulder county an assorment of contrasting but complementary public programs--rich, entertaining, and informative for all--early in 2018.  By bringing together leading elders and innovative upstarts in the field of folk music, we'll create a multi-generational space for conversation, collaboration, and creation of music for our time.

Singing and playing folk music is life-sustaining activity at all times. In trying times like those we live in today, it is essential for survival. Regardless of what “folk” group you hail from, your sonic world--the “roots” music of your tribe--contributes to the rich variety of our collective life. Folk song lifts our spirits and lowers our stress. It also embodies ancient values—loyalty to family, respect for elderly wisdom, hospitality to strangers, our yearnings for social justice, and the practice of kindness among neighbors. We need to make folk music now more than ever—and we need to share our traditions for the common good. We hope you'll plan to join us!

More information coming soon!  

To reserve a visit to your class, please contact the AMRC at 303-735-3645 or