You may use PowerPoint to create content for you digital sign.

To create high quality digital signage content, you will need to set the slides to a 1920x1080 resolution which is the typical digital sign screen.

  1. Go to the Design tab
  2. Click on the "Slide Size" and select "Widescreen or Custom."
  3. For Width, enter 1920px
  4. For Height, enter 1080px
  5. Note: The settings will resolve to Width: 13.333 in x Height 7.5
  6. Set the slide orientation: Select Portrait or Landscape
  7. Click OK

Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac (Version 15 or above)

  1. Select Export from the File Menu
  2. Select JPEG or PNG
  3. Width: 1920 and Height: 1080 
    1. Note, Height should automatically update to 1080 with Width of 1920 is entered.
    2. If you're still having issues with the correct resolution, you can download our blank slide that when uploaded to PPT, it'll have the correct resolution and DPI. 

Note: For Mac users, it's always good to open the flyers in Mac Preview and go to Tools > Adjust Size and check the width, height and resolution. If the resolution is not 96, then you can change it here. 

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