Drime Kunden at Nyenlung

The Tibet Himalaya Initiative seeks to promote research, educational opportunities, cultural exchange, and public understandings about Tibet and the Himalayas as the region undergo rapid social, cultural, and environmental transformations. We organize educational and outreach events on the CU Boulder campus, including guest speakers, film screenings, and visiting artists.

The Front Range community has long had an abiding interest in Tibet and the Himalayas from the perspective of both sport (mountaineering) and spirituality (Tibetan Buddhism). This means that our four CU Boulder faculty in Tibetan and Himalayan Studies draw a large number of undergraduates into our classes, advise a robust group of graduate students at the Masters and Ph.D. level, and gather large audiences for visiting scholars to campus and our own outreach activities.

CU Boulder has faculty strength in the study of contemporary Tibet in three disciplines--Anthropology, Geography, and Religious Studies--who research and teach about Tibetan communities inside Tibet and in exile. Our faculty serve on boards for non-profits operating in Tibet and the Himalaya, regularly give talks to Tibetan community groups in the US and Canada, and contribute to Tibetan and Himalayan educational and cultural preservation projects.

We need your help to stimulate ground-breaking research and inform public understanding of Tibet and the Himalayas for the benefit of our outstanding students, the field of Tibetan and Himalayan Studies, and the Boulder and Front Range community in Colorado.

To make a donation, visit the Tibet Himalaya Initiative CU Foundation webpage: