Eben Yonnetti
Religious Studies

Eben Yonnetti graduated with an MA in Religious Studies. He will be continuing his research on contemporary Tibetan Buddhist translation and transmission during a Fulbright IIE and PhD program in Religious Studies. During his Fulbright, Eben will study how Tibetan Buddhist teachings and practices are mobilized to support environmental stewardship projects in response to climate change. Investigating several innovative environmental projects spearheaded by religious leaders in Ladakh, India through ethnographic methods and textual and discourse analysis, he aims to contribute to understandings of how religious traditions move across time and space through a process of reinterpretation, and work on several articles for publication. Following this year in India, Eben will begin the PhD program in Religious Studies at the University of Virginia, where his dissertation will focus on the transmission of Tibetan Buddhism across East Asia. He hopes to do extensive fieldwork in multiple locations in Nepal, India, and Taiwan to study the process of transmission both from the perspective of Tibetan teachers bringing Tibetan Buddhism into this new setting as well as from the perspective of Chinese and Taiwanese students who have been active participants in localizing thee traditions in their own contexts.