Dorje Tashi
PhD Candidate

Dorje Tashi (Duojie Zhaxi), a PhD student in Geography at the University of Colorado-Boulder, researches primarily the intersection of environmentalism, agriculture, and culture on the Tibetan Plateau. Dorje earned his Associate Degree (Tibetan and English) at Qinghai Normal University in China, and received his MA in Environmental Education from Miriam College, the Philippines. Dorje has worked for A.S.I.A (Association for International Solidarity in Asia) for five years as a project officer responsible for project assessment, management, and proposal and final report writing. During this work, Dorje built and managed strategic and profitable relationships with donors and stakeholders, and participated in networking, partnerships, and donor relation activities. Dorje’s PhD research focuses on agrarian transformation in Amdo, situated on the northeastern Tibetan Plateau in China. Dorje’s research seeks to answers questions related to the interlacing of Tibetan language and culture, agriculture, and the environment post-1949. Additionally, his work touches on rural development, concerns related to economic and cultural geography, and the relationships between nature and people using ethnographic approaches.