Published: May 2, 2022

The Tibet Himalaya Initiative was honored to host a lunch symposium with Tibetan women writers Tsedron Kyi, Nyima Tso, and Min Nangzey at Koenig Alumni Center on April 22nd. These writers are prominent women's voices in the Tibetan literary scene, both on the plateau and in the diaspora. 

The lunch symposium was an intimate gathering of 20 THI faculty, visiting scholars, local translators, alumni, and graduate students. We had the opportunity to hear about the literary journeys of each writer and engage in informal discussion with them.

Lunch Symposium, Group Photo

This was a follow up to the public event, Emerging Voices: Tibetan Women Writers (attended by approximately 75) on Thursday evening the 21st, in which the writers read from their works, a combination of poetry and short stories, in Tibetan followed by a reading of the translations.

Emerging Voices - Group Photo

Nicole Willock (Old Dominion University) introduced the event with a lecture on the history of contemporary Tibetan literature from seminal figures such as Tseten Zhabdrung, the topic of her book Lineages of the Literary (Columbia University Press, 2021), up to emerging publications by Tibetan women writers.

About the Tibetan Writers:

Tsedronkyi (ཚེ་སྒྲོན་སྐྱིད) is a short story writer from Chapcha, Amdo and teacher of Tibetan language and literature. She has published two books of collected short stories, A Melancholy Drama (སྐྱོ་སྣང་གི་ཟློས་གར། 2005) and Clinging (ཞེན།་ 2016).

Nyima Tso (ཉི་མ་འཚོ།) is a poet and short story writer from Labrang, who currently lives in Dharamshala. She has published two books of collected poems and short stories respectively: The First Journey of This Life (མི་ཚེ་འདིའི་འགྲུལ་བཞུད་ཐེངས་དང་པོ། 2003) and A Fragment (ཟུར་ཞིག Zhur zhig 2007).

Min-Nangzey (སྨིན་སྣང་མཛེས།) is an emerging poet and essayist from Golok, who currently lives in Dharamshala. She has published two books of collected poems and lyrics respectively: Princess of the Snow Mountain (གངས་རིའི་སྲས་མོ། 2006) and Songs of Emotions (ཚོར་བའི་གླུ 2015).

* * * 

We are grateful to UVA's Tibet Center, who arranged for this group of writers to come on tour to the US with presentations at UVA, Harvard, Columbia, and CU Boulder.

Sponsored by the Tibet Himalaya Initiative with support from the Center for Humanities and the Arts and the Research Innovation Office at CU Boulder.