Published: March 25, 2018
Sonam Nyenda at the Bhutan and Himalayan Research Center in Takse


CU Boulder Alumnus Sonam Nyenda (MA in Religious Studies, 2015) recently founded the Bhutan & Himalaya Research Centre at Royal University of Bhutan (RUB). He is faculty at the College for Language and Cultural Studies (CLSC) in Takse, Bhutan.

The goal of the Bhutan & Himalaya Research Centre (BHRC) is to enhance research on Bhutan and the Himalayan region and to create an interdisciplinary network of research and teaching about and within the region. BHRC organizes events which include inviting guest speakers for lectures on Bhutan and Himalayan culture, art, history and politics, and conducting faculty seminars to further enhance the research capacity of CLCS faculty.

BHRC hosted Professor Holly Gayley from the Department of Religious Studies at CU Boulder to present the inaugural lecture for the Centre. The lecture, "Translating Buddhist Advice on Meditation Across Languages and Cultures," took place with Dr. Karma Phuntsho as Respondent on February 14th in Thimphu with more than 60 faculty and students in attendance.