Published: Jan. 21, 2016
A group of young Tibetan monks huddles on a degraded pasture on the Tibetan Plateau. (Kevin Frayer/Getty)

University of Colorado alumnus Yönten Nyima (PhD in Georgraphy, 2012) and Professor Emily Yeh have been cited in two recent articles in Nature and on the rapidly changing status of nomadism in the grasslands of the Tibetan Plateau. The articles were written following author Jane Qiu's 4700km trek form Xinning to Lhasa during which she met with nomad familys and scientists to understand and assess the impact of government policies, climate change, and other factors on the health of the grassland environment and the nomads who earn their living across its more than 1.5 million square kilometer expanse. Nyima is currently a Tibetan policy researcher at Sichuan University in Chengdu, PRC. The two articles are available at the following URLs: