From inside the classroom to out in the field, the environment is a focus at CU Boulder. The courses and degrees offered here promote the discovery and exchange of knowledge that enables students to contribute to a more sustainable society.

Students making field measurements in their outdoor environmental sampling and analysis class.Meaningful Degrees

Boasting over 200 students, CU Boulder’s EVEN program is one of the largest its kind in the country. Students use a holistic view when specializing in topics such as as air quality, environmental remediation and developing communities, among others. Undergraduate research is emphasized in the program, with one in five EVEN students working with staff on a variety of environmental issues.

Research & Innovation

Sustainability and the environment are at the heart of countless research and innovation efforts that span the campus. Researchers and students in virtually every department and in CU Boulder’s 11 research institutes–from the arts to engineering to physics–tackle the world’s most pressing problems through innovative research, scholarship and creative works. Aerospace, Energy and Earth & Environmental Sciences are just a few of the key research focus areas being explored to help create a sustainable future.   

Unique Alternatives

Take class, improve the world. The mission of the INVST program is to give students the skills to create local, community based solutions to social and environmental problems. Although a demanding academic program, students get to travel, engage in community service, build a professional network of progressive and like-minded people, and develop their role in the social and environmental justice realm.