Published: July 23, 2021

Chancellor Philip P. DiStefano has announced the inaugural members of the University Sustainability Council, an advisory group that will help guide campus decision-making around sustainability initiatives and priorities.

The diverse group of 15 voting members, selected from a group of nominees, includes representation from the faculty, staff and student ranks, with members hailing from departments all across the campus.

“The selection of the inaugural members of the Sustainability Council is an important and gratifying milestone in the mission to advance our university’s leadership in this critical arena,” said CU Boulder Chancellor Philip DiStefano. “I look forward to the Council’s recommendations across the broad spectrum of sustainability issues and concerns.”

DiStefano first announced the formation of the Council during the 28th Campus Sustainability Summit in April as part of his Call to Climate Action. The Call to Climate Action also included the goal of carbon neutrality for the campus by 2050 and advancing the campus to STARS (The Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System) Platinum status.

The sustainability council’s mission is to integrate sustainability efforts across all aspects of the university. It will make policy program guidelines and investment recommendations to the chancellor and campus leadership, and facilitate campus-wide sustainability efforts. 

The 15 voting members, all of whom will serve an initial two-year term, are:

  • Amelia Brackett Hogstad, PhD, History (Student)

  • James Brasseur, Research Professor, Aerospace Engineering Sciences (Faculty)

  • Jennifer Cha, Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering (Faculty)

  • Alexandra Chamberlin, Undergrad, Environmental Studies (Student)

  • Alex Hoots, Events and Sustainability Coordinator, CU Athletic Department (Staff)

  • Kavya Kannan, Tri-Exec, CU Student Government (Student)

  • Shaun LaBarre, Deputy Director, Getches-Wilkinson Center, Law School (Staff)

  • Rob Lenahan, Assistant Director, Environmental Services (Staff)

  • Claudius Mundoma, Director of Core Facilities, Research & Innovation Office (Staff)

  • Anila Narayana, Board Chair, Environmental Center (Student)

  • Theresa Ortega, Library Technician, University Libraries (Staff)

  • Linda Park, Program Manager, Jewish Studies (Staff)

  • Phaedra Pezzullo, Associate Professor, College of Media, Communication and Information (Faculty)

  • Stacey Schulte, Senior Instructor, Environmental Design (Faculty)

  • Tehya Stockman, PhD, Environmental Engineering (Student)

The council will convene for the first time in mid-September and will begin to solidify its structure, schedule, and initial focus at that time.

In addition to the 15 voting members, the council includes several ex officio members. That includes council co-chairs David Kang, Vice Chancellor for Infrastructure and Sustainability; and Terri Fiez, Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation. Dave Newport, director of the CU Environmental Center; Heidi VanGenderen, chief sustainability officer; and Emily CoBabe-Ammann, director of strategic projects for the Office of Research and Innovation, will also serve as ex officio members.