We asked current students "What is something that you didn't know when you came to CU that you wished you would have?"

Here's what they had to say:

That missing several classes, even if the work was done and turned in on time would cause such a problem. As an adult and successful Entrepreneur I knew what was expected so I completed the work and turned it in on time, but missed several classes and it really hurt my GPA.

Many classes can rely on class participation, making attending class important.

I wish I would've known how the bus system worked. I live off campus and so I bought a parking pass when I could've saved money using the buses and the free bus pass we get as students!

Every student at CU receives an RTD bus pass that allows for free public transportation.  Busses run regularly around campus, as well as the RTD Flyer that travels from Boulder to Denver on Hwy 36.  This allows students better commuting options if choosing to live off campus.  Another added benifit to the RTD pass is that you can travel the lightrail system around Denver metro area.

I wish I would have known how big the divide is between traditional and nontraditional students. I feel left out, which is fine, because I am an introvert anyway, but still.

We are working on incorporating new programs and events that will work to make CU more inclusive of its non-traditional student community.  NTSO and the Transfer Student Working Group, as well as other departments accross campus, are recognizing this divide and are developing new events specifically for transfer/non-traditional students at welcome week and throughout the year. ​

How financial aid works for summer classes.

There is actually a special application to complete for financial aid if you're considering taking summer classes.  Make sure you have your FAFSA completed and fill out the application in MyCUInfo.  Here are some more resources from the Office of Financial Aid for summer school.

What free events were held on campus.

Free events are happening all the time on campus.  Follow the Center for Student Involvement and the UMC on Facebook for events they host, but check out CU events calendar for many more. 

Where to find food other than C4C.

If you're spending long days on campus, refueling is important.  The C4C is a great dinning option, and if that's all you know, branching out or trying to find something different may seem challenging.  Check out other campus dinning locations and hours from Housing and Dinning Services or here for a few other small locations.  Don't forget to look out for Welcome Wendesday, and First Fridays.

There are many resource centers for students like the BOLD center which are very helpful.

Finding the right resources, or just having that quiet spot on campus that you know you can go and work can make all the different.  Find the resources that can help you, or check out some of our favorite study spots.

That I had to take 3 semesters of a language of which only one counts towards my degree.

The state of Colorado has Minimum Academic Preparedness Standards (MAPS) which are degree requirements for all schools/colleges at CU.  This may be seen as a challenge for students who transferred from out of state where high school requirements differed from CO state schools.  Review the requirements and talk with your transfer or academic advisor to understand your options.