The Nepalese Student Association is a student-led organization founded in the Spring of 2005 to bring the Nepali community at CU Boulder together. Before the inauguration of the group, a few Nepali students were actually well acquainted with each other. The founders decided it was time to establish a better friendship and cooperation between the Nepali community present at CU. The original group comprised of three students. They researched the CU database and found the names of all the Nepali students at CU-Boulder at the time. Then, they contacted all of them and explained their intentions to these students. Most people either ignored the idea or ridiculed it. Despite all the negative response, the student group was established. Over the next three years, the group gained success in every step. NSA has participated in many events at CU Boulder and with success came approval from the Nepali community. Presently, NSA boasts a population of more than 70 students. NSA prides itself in the following values:

Relationship and Cooperation - To establish a better relationship and cooperation among the Nepali students at the University of Colorado Boulder. 

Friendship and Integrity - To promote understanding, friendship, integrity, and cooperation among students, faculty members, and the surrounding communities.

Helping others - To extend all possible help and cooperation to all Nepali students at the University of Colorado Boulder in such cases as may be deemed necessary by all the members of the executive committee.

To promote diversity - To promote diversity, bring awareness, and lend a helping hand to the needs of Nepal.