Climb Up the Ladder

A degree in neuroscience can open up a world of opportunity!

Degree Requirements

NOTE: The requirements for a degree in Neuroscience may change over time so it is crucial to meet with an official adviser to ensure you are on the correct path. Please visit our About page to learn more regarding the official faculty Neuroscience Club advisers, and/or make an appointment with the undergraduate advisers in the Psychology and Neuroscience advising area. The resources listed below aim to give you an insight on the classes you will be taking during your time at CU Boulder.

After looking through the requirements for a degree in Neuroscience - make a plan to graduate! This can be done by analyzing your "Degree Audit" which can be accessed through your myCUinfo under the Student tab. Please do not hesitate to contact us at if you would like some advice when planning your schedule! 

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