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The CU Neuroscience Club aims to create a legacy by advancing the University of Colorado Boulder’s Neuroscience program by actively engaging with the global and local communities. The club was influential in bringing about the foundation of the Undergraduate Neuroscience major at CU, and also plays an important role in departmental decisions. We connect students with peers, professors, professionals, as well as research opportunities both at CU and abroad. We invite students of every discipline. We convene to inspire, inform, and involve ourselves in all things neuroscience. We frequently host guest speakers who present their novel research in the field and facilitate an undergraduate neuroscience-based journal club. Contact us via email at neuroscienceclub@colorado.edu to receive updates on future events!

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The Neuroscience Major

CU Boulder is proud to offer an Undergraduate Neuroscience major! Prior to Spring of 2014, only a certificate through the Psychology department was offered. Dr. Robert Spencer, Director of the Undergraduate Neuroscience Program, describes the major: "The Neuroscience Major offers students a rigorous biologically based foundation in the study of the nervous system, with a focus on brain processes that underlie psychological function.  Although the Major and its core faculty reside in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience, our Neuroscience Major features a strong interdisciplinary education with ancillary required courses and upper division elective courses taught by excellent faculty in other departments across campus. Our neuroscience students study the cellular and molecular properties of single nerve cells (in both the classroom and laboratory), and they learn how organization of these cells into neurocircuits and neural networks leads to complex brain function. Advanced coursework examines in depth more specialized topics within the broad field of neuroscience. There is considerable flexibility in advanced course options that allows students to tailor their course work to their specific interests." To learn more about the Neuroscience major and its requirements, click the button below!

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