Hello, welcome to CU Anime Club, a home for all otakus. We watch anime, play games, eat food, and socialize with fellow anime enthusiasts~ There are no strict requirements or commitments for this club. We're very casual; just come to enjoy a good time!

    Our weekly club meetings consist of games and anime showings decided at the beginning of each semester. Games include anything from trivias, tournaments, scavenger hunts, etc, and are conducted every other meeting. We have anime showings of different genres, and typically end each semester with a full-day of marathon showings.

    2020 was a tough year for everyone, having to keep the club going remotely was certainly not easy... The other officers and I are glad (if not a little nervous ^^*) with how much our discord has grown and matured over the last year~ Thank you everyone who joined in the last year, especially those who decided to humor us and partipate in our online activities! 

     As for Fall 2021 and onwards, The club can be hosted in-person!!! Stayed tuned in to our Discord for updates~ We will continue streaming over Discord for people who are hesitant about showing up as well as those of us who simply can't be here.