Published: March 27, 2024
The Emporium

The end of the semester is almost here, and now is the time to make the most of your meal plan. Residence hall meal plans include Munch Money. The funds use a declining balance stored on your Buff OneCard that renews each semester. Any unused Munch Money at the end of the semester expires and does not roll over to the following term.  

Don’t let your Munch Money go to waste. Instead, use your funds before they expire. 

How Munch Money works

Munch Money gives students with residence hall meal plans more flexibility in dining options. Your meal plan determines the amount of money allocated. You can use the funds in cafes and retail outlets on campus. You can also use Munch Money to purchase meals in the dining halls.  

If you use all of your Munch Money for the semester, you can add funds to your Buff OneCard as Campus Cash. You can check your balance online. 

Ways to use Munch Money before the semester ends

You have several options to use your Munch Money. 

Remember to use your Munch Money before it expires. Campus Cash does not expire.  

To learn more, check out the Campus Dining FAQs