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CU Boulder has partnered with the AWorld app from ActNow, the United Nations’ campaign for individual action on climate change and sustainability. The app allows students, faculty and staff to weave sustainability into their everyday lives and track their impact.

By taking action now, we have the potential to bring about a revolutionary shift toward equity and sustainability worldwide. Join the Sustainable Buffs community through the AWorld app to use this innovative tool for promoting individual action on sustainability and climate change.

What is the AWorld app?

AWorld is a mobile application and platform that encourages individuals to adopt sustainable living practices and take proactive steps to create a greener planet.

ActNow uses the AWorld app to encourage and incentivize sustainability, providing suggestions for daily actions that can help reduce carbon footprints and foster a sense of community committed to promoting sustainable practices.

The AWorld app includes features to personalize your experience, learn about sustainability and track your progress.

  • Challenges: The CU team will be able to participate in challenges and work together to increase our impact through sustainable activities.
  • Journeys: The app uses the Journeys tool to provide education through storytelling and resources organized into easy-to-follow episodes.
  • Habits: The app provides a list of practices that allow users to log their impact based on individual daily actions. An action could include riding a bike, using a reusable coffee mug, eating a meat-free meal, recycling and more.

What is the purpose of the AWorld app?

Our goal with the app is to support the 95% of students attempting to make environmentally sustainable choices in their daily lives. The AWorld app simplifies the process of adopting sustainable habits by providing personalized carbon footprint analyses, educational journeys with habit suggestions and demonstrating the impact of your changes. The app empowers users to integrate sustainability into their daily routines and monitor their progress.

The AWorld app will help our community connect to one another and understand the impact we can make on this planet as a collective. We will participate in campus-wide challenges by tracking daily sustainable actions and working through the educational resources provided.

  • Increase engagement in sustainable activities.
  • See the impact of your actions and the collective impact of the CU community.
  • Promote sustainable education and knowledge.
  • Allow the CU community to be part of a team and challenge each other to improve sustainability.

How to use the AWorld app

Step 1: Download the app from Apple App Store or Google Play.  If you are already a user, log out.
Step 2: Select “Organization Login.”
Step 3: Search “University of Colorado Boulder.”
Step 4: Log in with your IdentiKey to join the CU team.
Step 5: Sign up to participate in challenges offered to the CU community.
Step 6: Contribute to challenges by logging in and recording actions as complete.
Step 7: Share the app with friends and family to promote sustainability and increase your impact.

Spring 2023 Challenge: Sustainable Buffs Act Now

From April 15 through June 15, track your Sustainable Buffs acts using the AWorld app. The first 500 participants to join the challenge will earn a free Stasher bag. 

For each Buffs action logged, CU will invest $1 toward campus conservation and local carbon sequestration projects, up to $10,000. Participants will be invited to vote on the project to be funded.

Download the app and join the CU team today!