Published: March 29, 2023

It may seem early, but planning for Fall Welcome 2023 is well underway. Each year, Fall Welcome creates a centralized, campus-wide welcome experience for all incoming students and families. Occurring Aug. 20 through Sept. 1 this year, students and families will learn about campus resources and support services at various events and programs while making valuable connections with fellow Buffs, faculty and staff.

Campus departments are invited to plan and submit programs, events and opportunities to be included in the Fall Welcome schedule. Here are some tips to help faculty and staff plan for Fall Welcome.

A student checks in at a move-in tent on campus during Fall WelcomePlan around key dates 

New students and/or their families may be engaged in larger events over the course of Fall Welcome. Here are some key dates to keep in mind as you plan opportunities:

  • Move-in: Aug. 20-24
  • Parent and family welcome events: Aug. 21-24
  • International Student Orientation: Aug. 21
  • Graduate Student Orientation: Aug. 22
  • Transfer Student Orientation: Aug. 24
  • College Day: Aug. 25
  • Signature Events (all incoming students are encouraged to attend): 
    • Evening of Aug. 24
    • Evening of Aug. 25
    • Evening of Aug. 26
    • Afternoon of Aug. 30

Find support

There are many factors to consider when planning an event and sometimes it can be challenging to know where to start. For support, contact New Student & Family Programs (NSFP). NSFP staff can meet with you to share recommendations, answer questions and help with other details like finding space on campus for your event or program. 

To help you get started, here are some things to consider as you plan your event:

  • Think about your intended audience, whether it’s new students, all returning students or graduate students—how can you tailor your event to this population?
  • What is the “carrot” for your event? Is it free food, swag, academic payoff, making friends? Clearly share this in your event description.
  • What space do you need to accommodate your intended audience? 

Share your event details

Once you have your events and programs planned, fill out the Fall Welcome event submission form by May 12 to share your details with NSFP. This gives you access to free marketing through the CU Boulder Life app, website, new student emails and more.