Published: June 8, 2022

Conference servicesAre you looking to host a conference for your organization or group? CU Boulder faculty and staff have a great option in CU Conference Services and it’s easy to get started.

Get started with CU Conference Services

CU Conference Services (CUCS) can help you with all the details as you plan your conference. Reach out to CUCS via their inquiry form to get started. They can help you with all the logistics including venue space, audio/video equipment, catering and lodging for you and your conference guests. To ensure successful meetings, CUCS can work closely with outside digital communication companies in many different scenarios to host large virtual and hybrid conferences.

New options for conferences

CUCS can produce well-run, easy to navigate and vibrant virtual and hybrid conferences, along with hosting in-person attendees. CUCS staff are knowledgeable about what technologies are available and which are best suited for each conference experience. 

CUCS is able to offer the following virtual services to closely replicate an in-person experience:

  • Poster Sessions 
  • Exhibitors 
  • Demos
  • Networking Sessions
  • Gamification  
  • Job Boards and Entertainment

Flexible services

CUCS staff can work with vendors to come up with budgets and provide conferences and events at a reasonable cost to customers, ensuring the best conference experience within any budget. 

CUCS is able to host conferences with global reach and attendance; planning and executing on average over 150 conferences and programs with more than 6,700 overnight guests on campus each year. With these new virtual and hybrid capabilities, CUCS hopes to serve even more guests internationally and globally. In 2021, CUCS hosted three virtual and hybrid conferences during the year, reaching more than 1,000 participants from over 31 countries.

Continued commitment to customer service

CUCS has developed the tools to run virtual and hybrid events in addition to their history of hosting industry-leading in-person conferences and events. Their commitment to excellence in customer service is a top priority, whether events are happening on campus or online. 

CUCS has always prided itself on providing “great service in a great place.” Since 2018, 92% of the clients who responded to the CUCS exit survey said they were satisfied or very satisfied with CUCS and 98% said they would recommend CUCS. 

CUCS continues to build on its reputation as a leading conference host in academic conferences. If you are interested in hosting an event on campus or online, visit their website to learn more.