Published: April 19, 2021

21 faculty and staff members were recognized this year for the positive impact they have made on their students through the Marinus Smith Awards. Overall, over 35 nominations were received from students and their families.

The Marinus Smith Awards are presented each spring to faculty and staff members who have been nominated by students. Submitting a nomination provides a meaningful way for students to show appreciation and gratitude to those who have inspired, mentored and supported them.

New Student & Family Programs was honored to recognize the award recipients at a virtual ceremony on April 14.

“It is remarkable to be able to share the incredible stories from students and their families on how current faculty, staff and administrators positively influence the lives of our students during their time at CU Boulder. We are so proud and honored to host these annual awards and recognize the outstanding contributions of our campus community members,” said Amber Cardamone, director of New Student & Family Programs.

2020–21 Marinus Smith Award winners

  • David Martinez, College of Media, Communication and Information
  • Dr. Brett King, Department of Psychology & Neuroscience
  • Dr. Christy McCain, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  • Dr. Clara Park, Department of Political Science
  • Dr. Ellen Broering, Department of Chemistry
  • Dr. Jonathan Kish, Department of Applied Mathematics
  • Dr. Karen Ramirez, Department of Arts & Humanities
  • Dr. Lisa Corwin, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  • Ella Frazier, Office of Financial Aid
  • Jasimine Evans, Career Services
  • Jason Hanson, Office of Advancement
  • Jeanne Liotta, Department of Cinema Studies and Moving Image Arts
  • Jessica Baumgarten, Leeds Office of Career Strategy
  • Katherine McConnell, Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Kristin Swisher, Leeds School of Business
  • Laura Arroyo, Housing Administration
  • Meagan D'souza, Housing Administration
  • Michael Shernick, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Polly McLean, College of Media, Communication and Information
  • Shane Guinan, Residence Life
  • Tammy Maldonado, Department of Integrative Physiology

Learn more about this year’s recipients.