Published: Oct. 2, 2020

Finding your community can take time, especially during a pandemic. Getting involved can make a large campus feel smaller by helping you find your niche and participating in fun activities. Here are our top three reasons to attend virtual events this semester.

1. Make new friendsstudent waving to computer

Attending virtual events is a great way to meet new people with similar interests. This guarantees you already have something in common with other students who are also attending the same event.

You can start by making the first move. Introduce yourself to the group or a fellow Buff using the chat feature. Start with “Hi my name is _____ and I’m from______.” You can then follow up with some introductory questions to get a conversation started:

  • I’m studying _____. Anybody else in the same program/major?
  • I’m super excited about this event. How did you hear about it?
  • What other virtual events are you planning to go to?
  • Is this your first time attending a virtual event? 

If the thought of going by yourself to an event sounds intimidating, try finding a virtual “buddy.” Let your roommate or a classmate know that you’re attending a virtual event and ask if they want to log in too! 

Discover more ways to connect and build friendships with other CU students.

2. Have fun and stay connected

One of the perks of attending virtual events is that you get to participate in fun activities from the comfort of your own space – yes, that means snacks and PJs! Some events have special guests that you might not otherwise have had the chance to see. Did you know that Trevor Noah gave a talk just for CU students earlier this semester? Or that on Oct. 19 CU at the Polls will be hosted by comedian Ilana Glazer? If you attend, you never know who you’ll (virtually) run into!

Attending virtual events is a great opportunity to have new interactions and engage with others in a time where you would not normally be able to do so. In the era of physical distancing, social connection is important in maintaining our mental well-being. Attending a virtual event can help you change your scenery, try new activities or get creative about how you connect with others. 

Check out BuffConnect to find clubs and organizations hosting events and our list of events happening every week. Come learn new things, compete for prizes and find your community.

3. Consider your gains

Whether you’re starting your first year or final year at CU Boulder, there’s something for everyone to be gained by attending virtual events. Here are some reasons to consider:

  • Excel in your academics. Do you want to go further in your academics or perhaps you’re interested in learning more about environmental justice? Attending events through a club or your degree program will introduce you to many different options and opportunities to learn more.
  • Explore new interests. Staying curious and trying new things can be a great way to explore and discover interests you didn’t know you had. Push yourself to step out of your comfort zone, attend an activity you wouldn’t normally go to and see where it leads you. 
  • Build your resume. The activities you do on campus can help build your resume, and that includes attending events too. Find something to specialize in, something you excel at or a new skill you want to learn. There are many opportunities to gain leadership skills, get ready for internships and enjoy your time here at CU.
  • Prepare for life after CU. Consider attending events that can help with post-school opportunities. Attending events like ‘How to interview’ can help you develop skills for graduate school or other jobs. Career fairs and networking events can also help to set you on the right path. 

Participating in virtual events can help you make connections and find your community, and give you flexibility and the opportunity to get involved and discover more.

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