The purpose of the Staff Council Elections Committee is to set up and supervise the election of Staff Council representatives, delegates, and officers of Staff Council. The responsibilities of the committee are the coordination of the announcement and replacement of membership vacancies, the verification of candidacy, the creation of a ballot, and the counting of votes for Staff Council representative positions. Committee members also collect nominations and supervise balloting for Staff Council officers and delegates. The committee is composed of a chair and five or more members.  The chair of the committee serves on the Staff Council Executive Board.  Committee members assist at the April meeting when Council officers, delegates, and Appointed-At-Large representatives are elected. This committee also oversees updates to Bylaws, Standing Rules and other governance tools. The Elections Committee meets the second Tuesday of every month, 12 p.m. to 1 p.m., in ARCE 47A.

Elections Co-Chairs: Deb Prestianni and Barry Sparks