Cameron Brooks
Staff Council Secretary • UCSC Elected Delegate
Area 6

Executive Assistant of Faculty Affairs, Law School

On May 12,1952 my grandparents Oscar and Rose Brukier (wedded survivors of a Holocaust camp), set foot for the first time on North American soil in search of their own American Dream with a little girl on the way and a four-year-old boy in tow (my father). From a humble start with nothing but the clothes on their backs and a broken past, they achieved happiness in a land of unlimited opportunity.

My goal in life is to endlessly make my grandparents proud in helping those around me, as others did for them during the war to keep them alive, as my core values sprouted from my families’ hardships and dreams. Due to this familial trauma I am fueled to continuously push for equal opportunities for all, no matter ones’ personal beliefs.

Born to two, hippie loving, flower-child era parents who moved to Boulder in the early 1970's, I was blessed to be raised here in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. Growing up with two entrepreneurial parents who opened a local retail business, Indochine Home Import, when I was four, I was brought up within the service industry. Growing up hearing what my family had been through, paired with seeing the endless days and nights my parents worked to give me a solid and secure upbringing, I knew I wanted to further my education. Throughout my college days I worked full time for a local family with four boys as their nanny, through which I became a creative problem solver with a heightened sense of empathy. In Spring of 2016 I whole- heartedly walked the stage at Mackey Auditorium here at CU Boulder, when I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree, majoring in Communication with a concentration in Spanish and interpersonal relationship skills.

After graduating, I found myself working for the corporate American giant, Enterprise Holdings. There, I found my place within an inspiring management team of highly driven individuals, looking to train and develop tomorrow’s corporate leaders. During my three years with Enterprise, I created, managed and developed my own team, and with endless dedication to my work I witnessed the success of my employees as individuals and our office as a whole.  

Although I am not with Enterprise anymore, I am forever grateful for all of the tools and professional development that I gained from working there, and that I am able to use these professional tools in my new role here at CU Boulder. My current role is the Executive Assistant of Faculty Affairs at the Law School, where I have been able to regain a healthy work/ life balance, for which I am extremely grateful. Here I assist the Dean and his executive cabinet members, as well as the Faculty, in reaching the mission and goal of our University as a whole to shape tomorrow’s leaders!

I am committed to all that I do. To be a voice for The University of Colorado Boulder staff, is a true honor. On a daily basis, I strive to reflect the opinions of hard working, like-minded, and driven individuals who are looking to make a difference with their problem-solving abilities in this ever-changing world. I am reliable, trustworthy, and have a proven track record within my level of excellent work ethic and communication.