Published: July 16, 2020

As promised, below are the answers from the trivia questions in our June newsletter:

Question 1: What was CU’s first mascot?

  • Unofficially, it was a dog for the baseball team.

Question 2: When did the first class from CU graduate? How many people were in the first class?

  • 1882
  • 6 people
    • Henry Drumm
    • Harold Thompson
    • Richard Whiteley
    • Oscar Jackson
    • John Millette
    • James McFarland

Question 3: When did the first woman graduate from CU?

  • 1886 – Helen “Ella” Tyler

Question 4: Who was the first African American woman to graduate from CU?

  • Lucile Berkeley Buchanan Jones in 1918

Question 5: What year did CU first play Nebraska?

  • 1898

Thank you for participating in this fun CU trivia with us and learning more about CU!