To assess which level of Spanish might be most appropriate for you, there is an on-line placement exam here.

Even though this exam is not an exemption exam, it is a useful tool to determine your proficiency in Spanish.

Please note that after taking the test you must enroll in the level indicated. Simply taking the placement exam does not automatically enroll you in a course, nor does it grant credits for courses out of which you might place.

Please email the Spanish & Portuguese Department to be enrolled in a level for which you have not completed the prerequisites and notify us to check your exam score; upon doing so we can enroll you.

If you test into SPAN 3000 with the score of 55 to 60, you are more than welcome to stay in SPAN 3000. If you wish to see if you can be exempt, follow these steps:
a) Register for SPAN 3000.
b) Take a written Spanish exam and receive a score of 70 or higher (out of 100). This exam will be taken on the Friday of the first week of the semester at a time and place determined by the SPAN 3000 Coordinator. This will be the only time the Coordinator is available. Before taking this exam, please email the SPAN 3000 Coordinator the document called “SPAN 3000 exemption exam instructions”. If your score in the Spanish placement exam is lower than 55, you do not qualify to take this exam. If you graduated from an institution in a Spanish-speaking country, you are exempt from this exam. 
c) You will receive the results of the exam by the end of the second week of the semester. If you pass this exam, the SPAN 3000 Coordinator will inform the Associate Chair of Undergraduate Studies and they will waive the SPAN 3000 requirement for you to enroll in upper division courses.
d) Please note that this exam does not award class credit. If you wish to complete Spanish Minor or any track of the Spanish Major, you must replace the 5 credits of SPAN 3000 with two other upper division courses in Spanish.
e) International Affairs students who pass the exemption exam must take two of the following three courses: SPAN 3010, SPAN 3100 or SPAN 3120.