Rosario Argentina from the Air Downtown and Parana River

Faculty-Led Global Seminar. Areas of Study: History, Humanities, International Affairs, Spanish, Latin American Studies

Rosario is one of the most culturally and economically dynamic cities in Argentina, second only to Argentina's largest city, Buenos Aires. With a population of 1.5 million, Rosario offers diversity and is much safer and accommodating for students who are still learning Spanish.

Rosario boasts of dozens of prominent museums and site of cultural and historical relevance in Argentina's history. Because it is situated in the River Plate region, Rosario offers a unique combination of Spanish, Italian and other European and indigenous influences that set Argentina apart from the rest of Latin America.

Rosario is adjacent to the largest river in the country, a perfect venue for riverfront cafes, restaurants, and recreation such as sailing and visits to the many islands that face the city. This region is also home to the Tango and students will have the opportunity to explore this rich heritage with an included class toward the beginning of the program.

Summer 2024 Interest Meeting Coming Soon! Program Director: Dra. Susan Hallstead.  Program Co-Director: Dr. Juan Pablo Dabove.