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Faculty-Led Global Seminar. Areas of Study: Spanish, International Affairs

Barcelona is one of the oldest European cities and the capital of Catalonia, one of the most vibrant and modern regions in Spain. It is also an international landmark for art, architecture and financial trade. As the region that pioneered the Industrial Revolution in Spain, Catalonia developed a strong national bourgeoisie and proletariat largely comprised of immigrants. The struggles between these two social classes left their mark on the city as can be seen in a number of architectural gems that express the European aspirations of the bourgeoisie - from the Modernist buildings by Gaudí (La Casa Milà, La Sagrada Família) and Domènech i Montaner (Palau de la Música) to the more recent works by Frank Ghery or Santiago Calatrava.

In the midst of these economically and ethnically marked spaces, the city offers world-class museums (most notably the Picasso Museum and the Miró and Tàpies Foundations), varied musical offerings, experimental and internationally acclaimed theater and film, as well as a remarkable street culture. All of these impressive cultural sights and offerings will be directly incorporated into the course.

Interest Meeting coming soon! Contact Professor Juan Herrero-Senes or Professor Javier Krauel for more info.