Updated 09/30/19


   Nina Molinaro


   Javier Krauel


   Esther Brown


Executive Committee

Anne Becher
Javier Krauel
Tania Martuscelli
Javier Rivas

Coordinated Course Committee

Anne Becher
Esther Brown
Karen Malcolm (FA19)/Susan Hallstead (SP20)
Elizabeth Huard
Javier Krauel
Mary Long
Nina Molinaro

Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

Esther Brown (Chair)
Anne Becher
Javier Rivas

Grade Appeals Committee

Javier Rivas (Chair)
Juan Herrero-Senés
Tania Martuscelli
Max Moloney (grad student)
Kathryn McConnell (undergrad student)

Graduate Committee

Javier Krauel (Chair)
Leila Gómez
Juan Herrero-Senés
Tania Martuscelli
Javier Rivas
Núria Silleras-Fernández

Graduate Student Advisors to the Chair

Eduardo Ramirez Bello (M.A. Lit)
Kelsey Treviño (M.A. Ling)
Katerina Santiesteban (Ph.D.)

Graduate Student Representative to the Consortium

Robert Pritchard (Ph.D.)

Graduate Teaching Program Lead GPTIs

Juan Manuel García Fernández

Elizabeth Brower Gift Fund Committee

Anne Becher (Chair)

Susan Hallstead

Elizabeth Huard

Mary Long

Post Tenure Review Committees

Tania Martuscelli and Núria Silleras-Fernández (for Esther Brown’s PTR)

Julio Baena and Núria Silleras-Fernández (for Leila Gómez’s PTR)

Julio Baena and Javier Rivas (for Javier Krauel’s PTR)

Promotion Committee - Nina Molinaro

Julio Baena (Chair)

Brian Catlos (Religious Studies)

Peter Elmore

Reappointment Committees

Anne Becher: Mary Long and Javier Rivas

Vivian Elmore: Andrés Prieto and Juan Pablo Dabove

Antonia Green: Leila Gómez and Tania Martuscelli

Karen Malcolm: Mary Long and Juan Herrero-Senés

María Moreno: Anne Becher and Juan Herrero-Senés

Cristina Piras: Andrés Prieto and Núria Silleras-Fernández

Search Committee - Applied Linguist

Esther Brown/Javier Rivas, Co-Chairs
Anne Becher
Tania Martuscelli

Study Abroad Committee

Esther Brown
Mary Long
Marcelo Schincariol

Teaching Excellence Committee

Cristina Piras

1010/1020/1150-Level Coordinator: Anne Becher

2000-Level Coordinator: Karen Malcolm (FA19)/Susan Hallstead (SP20)

3000/3001/3002 Coordinator: Mary Long

Modified Spanish Coordinator: Elizabeth Huard

A&S Curriculum Committee: Juan Herrero-Senés (Chair)

A&S Council: Elizabeth Huard (FA19)

A&S Personnel Committee: Juan Pablo Dabove

Boulder Faculty Assembly: Juan Pablo Dabove

Honors Council Departmental Representative:  Javier Rivas

Instructors Liaison: 

Library Liaison:  Kathia Ibacache

Portuguese Table Supervisor:  Marcelo Schincariol

Service Learning Sponsor: Karen Malcolm

Spanish for the Professions Director: Mary Long

Study Abroad Advisors: Esther Brown & Mary Long

Student Teaching & Certificate Advisor: Anne Becher

Student Teaching Supervisor: Anne Becher

Spanish Table Supervisor: Esther Brown

Staff Reporting Structure:

  • All staff members report to Meghan Perea, Executive Manager of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese.
  • Meghan Perea reports to Nina Molinaro, Chair of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese.
  • The office student employee reports to Shannon Markusen.
  • Staff do not report to the faculty, associate chairs, graduate students, or undergraduate students in the department, although they may work in partnership with any of the aforementioned at the discretion of their supervisor and the department chair.

Staff Roles and Responsibilities:

Doreen DeLisle is the Program Assistant II for Spanish and Portuguese. Ask Doreen if you have questions regarding:

  • Fall and Spring curriculum scheduling
    • Doreen may direct your inquiry to the Associate Chairs of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies and/or Course Coordinators.
  • Finance and accounting, including faculty research accounts, travel, and reimbursements
  • Payroll
  • Faculty and graduate student contracts
  • Faculty promotion and tenure, and post-tenure review
    • Doreen may direct your inquiry to the relevant committee.
  • Graduate student degree tracking and defense/comps scheduling
  • Building maintenance (Doreen is the building proctor for McKenna)
  • Office Telephones
  • Parking Liaison

Shannon Markusen is the Administrative Assistant III for Spanish and Portuguese. Ask Shannon if you have questions regarding:

  • Summer curriculum scheduling
    • Shannon may direct your inquiry to the Associate Chairs of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies and/or Course Coordinators
  • Instructor reappointments
    • Shannon may direct your inquiry to the relevant PUEC committee chair.
  • Office-related inquiries, including general inquiries, copier, mailboxes, McKenna 103, etc.
    • Shannon may direct your inquiry to the student assistant at her discretion.
  • Department calendar (NOT individual calendars)
  • Assisting prospective graduate students and faculty with the application process
    • Shannon will direct financial questions related to this process to Doreen.
  • Graduate student office keys, desk keys, and name plates
  • Requests for website edits
    • If you are requesting edits to your profile on the website, you must submit your edits exactly as you wish for them to appear.
  • Office Keys
  • Booking an event room, but only if event is approved by department chair/associate chairs and the room request is submitted to Shannon at least 3 weeks in advance of the event
  • Requests you may have for assistance from the student employee.

Staff members and the student employee are NOT responsible for doing the following:

  • Duties that are not within the scope of their responsibilities. Staff members may direct your inquiry to another party as needed. If a staff member directs you to speak with someone else, it is your responsibility to do so.
  • Making copies or scans of any of your materials. This includes both course materials and official materials (ex: evaluation materials, etc). This is in effect even when you are running late.
  • Proctoring exams.
  • Keeping schedules for any faculty or staff member (including the Chair).
  • Doing your research. If it is your explicit responsibility to fulfill a duty, it is your job to do the research to figure out how to do it. Staff can answer questions as you go along, within reason.
  • Dropping their projects/current work to deal with your emergency. Staff may ask for you to arrange a meeting to address your inquiry. As has been communicated by the department chair, staff may need 48 hours to respond to your email or in-person inquiry.
  • Running errands.
  • Administration for any unit other than the Department of Spanish and Portuguese.
  • Any other request you may make of them that is determined to be outside of the scope of their responsibilities by their direct supervisor.

Please do not ask them to assist you with any of these inquiries. However, if you have questions about how to get started, staff may point you in the right direction or direct you to the relevant policy. Staff have a variety of professional obligations, projects, and meetings around campus, which may necessitate the office being closed at times. Please note that the front office for the Department of Spanish and Portuguese will be closed every Tuesday from 9:00AM - 10:00AM for an all-staff meeting. This time is subject to change.

If you have any questions about staff responsibilities, you may ask the individual staff member or direct your inquiry to Meghan Perea.