nadia floyd
Graduate Student in Social Psychology
Department of Psychology and Neuroscience

Mentor:  Dr. Eva Pietre

BA in English and Psychology, Herbert Lehman College, City University of New York, 2017
MA in Psychology, New York University, 2021

Research Interests
Broadly, I am interested in what contexts influence people's perceptions of identity safety in academic and workplace settings. I am particularly interested in investigating this question from the perspective of people with multiple stigmatized identities (i.e., Black, Indigenous, Latina women) and from non-prototypical individuals (i.e., Biracial and Bicultural women). For example, what cues elicit women of color to feel a sense of identity safety (i.e., belonging, and trust) in these settings? Relatedly, I am also interested in creating interventions that are aimed at increasing these populations' participation in STEM fields