The Social Psychology Program at CU hosts active research in a broad range of areas including stereotyping and prejudice, judgment and decision making, health, relationships, evolutionary psychology, and social neuroscience, among others. The goal of the program is to train students to conduct theory-oriented research on problems of contemporary social significance. Training emphasizes both research methods and research experience, as well as social psychological theory. Research methods training is accomplished by coursework including a year-long methods proseminar and a year-long statistics class, and by active participation in research, beginning in the first year and culminating in the dissertation. A variety of research methods are emphasized, including experimental laboratory, field research, longitudinal, and quasi-experimental research. Theoretical content is conveyed by a year-long theory proseminar, as well in-depth specialized seminars, and is assessed through the comprehensive exam. Throughout their training, students work in collaboration with program faculty on research projects to develop their ability to conceptualize, design and implement research, analyze and report results, culminating in their ability to work as independent scientists.

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