Abhijit Suresh
Research Assistant

Abhijit Suresh is a research assistant in the Social Neuroscience and Games lab. He is working on leveraging neuroimaging data with machine learning to identify voxels in the brain that are associated with specific actions/behaviors. Abhijit’s interests lie in interdisciplinary research between psychology, cognitive science, neuroscience and artificial intelligence. Abhijit is a graduate student in computer science (and the institute of Cognitive Science) at CU Boulder. In 2014 he received his B.Tech with distinction in computer science from the Amrita School of Engineering, Coimbatore, India. Abhijit has worked with machine learning and neural networks, and his work is published in Elsevier, Springer and the American Journal of Applied Science. Abhijit is also a recognized reviewer for Elsevier (computers in biology and medicine).