Please complete the following application in full to be considered in the selection process for the REU program at the Mountain Research Station.  You must be currently enrolled at an undergraduate institution to be eligible for the REU program (i.e. you cannot have graduated the semester you apply).  Before filling out the application, please be prepared to: 

  1. provide rankings for the professors you would be most interested in working with (see Program Faculty webpage)
  2. upload a transcript (unofficial transcripts are accepted)
  3. provide email addresses for two people who you have contacted and have agreed to write letters of recommendation for you (preferably people who can evaluate your ability to learn and do research at the university level).

Important Note: Applicants must be in adequate physical condition to live at the Station's elevation (9500 feet) and to participate in hikes and activities at this elevation. For nearly all students, there are no difficulties beyond needing a few days of acclimation. If you have a history of heart or lung problems, or have other physical conditions which might limit your ability to participate, you may wish to consult with your physician before applying.

Review of applications will begin on February 27, 2018.  Students who are selected for the program will be contacted shortly after this date, although the procedure of making offers may go on through the end of March.

Applications are not being accepted at this time due to the program's cancellation