At the April 18, 2001, meeting of the Retired Faculty Association, the membership voted unanimously to make awards to graduate students at each of the four University campuses.  The RFA has entered into a contract with the University of Colorado Foundation, which will administer the awards.  Significant points of this contract are as follows:


The funds are to be awarded to individual graduate students by the administration of the graduate programs on each designated campus, to support their research or other scholarly and creative work.


  1. The funds will be distributed to designated campuses according to a schedule provided by the Fund Administrator [the treasurer of the RFA].
  2. The students to receive the funds will be determined by the Graduate School in which the students are enrolled, in accordance with each School’s normal criteria and procedures for granting merit-based scholarship or fellowship aid.
  3. The name, disciplinary area, and academic background of each student receiving an Award will be made known to the Donor [RFA] for its information, but not for its approval of the selection.
  4. Each recipient of an Award will be invited to present a brief summary of the scholarly work in progress or completed with the assistance of the Award at one of the regular meetings of the Donor.

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