Key and Lock imageResources and opportunities developed within Q-SEnSE have greatest impact when shared with the wider community. These resources include research tools and databases and technical material, workshops and summer schools, with samples included below.

Tools and Databases

  • Portal for high-precision atomic data for species commonly used in quantum research. This web-accessible database provides transition matrix elements, transition rates, radiative lifetimes, branching ratios, and polarizabilities for atoms and ions. The data are calculated using a high-precision, state-of-the-art linearized coupled-cluster method. All values include estimated uncertainties. The authors at the University of Delaware seek community input to improve the database and guide the next stages of the project.

Workshops, Summer Schools, and Fellowships

  • Summer 2022
    CQuIC summer course on “tensor network methods”: As part of the UNM workforce development under Q-SEnSE, CQuIC will be hosting an advanced seminar course this summer on the topic of “tensor network methods”. Over the span of ten weeks starting June 1st, the course will cover both topics broadly related to tensor networks, as well as provide a concrete example of a tensor network method through the study of the matrix product states method. The summer course will use a hybrid format, with in-person attendance at UNM augmented by virtual attendance via Zoom. Additional details can be found on the course website. For those outside UNM wishing to participate in this seminar, or if you have any questions, please contact course instructor Dr. Philip Blocher via email.
  • Summer 2021 -- Quantum Undergraduate Research Experience at the Center for High Technology Materials. The QU-REACH Program at the University of New Mexico (UNM) is a ten-week summer research program run by the Center for High Technology Materials (CHTM) located on UNM’s Main Albuquerque campus. Students from historically excluded groups in STEM (including women, Hispanic, American Indian, and Black students) and students who are the first generation in their families to attend college are strongly encouraged to apply. Students will participate in quantum-technologies research supervised by Q-SEnSE participating faculty, including "Quantum sensing with Nitrogen-Vacancy centers in diamond" supervised by Prof. Victor Acosta, and "Precision measurements of simulated gravitational waves using optical interferometry,” supervised by Prof. F. Elohim Becerra. 
  • Summer 2021 -- Quantum Computing Summer School at the University of New Mexico: an immersive 10-week curriculum that includes tutorials from world-leading experts in quantum computation as well as one-on-one mentoring of student-led projects. The participants are upper-division undergraduates and beginning graduate students. Led by Los Alamos National Lab, UNM Q-SEnSE faculty, including Profs. Tameem Albash and Milad Marvian will serve as mentors and lecturers in this leading summer school for quantum computing.
  • Summer 2021 -- Q-SEnSE-CQuIC Summer Fellows: As part of UNM’s workforce development, beginning graduate students obtain training in Quantum Information Science (QIS) to accelerate their transition from the classroom student to QIS researcher. The Q-SEnSE summer fellows carry out rotations under the supervision of CQuIC faculty and participate in the CQuIC summer advanced course. This year’s advanced seminar topic is “Many-body Quantum Chaos,” instructor Dr. Pablo Poggi. After introductory lectures, students read primary literature and deliver remaining lectures in a seminar style.