Sabre Duren
INSTAAR • University of Colorado at Boulder

Arctic Rivers Assistant Project Manager, Sabre Duren, has over 20 years of research experience in monitoring, protecting and restoring natural aquatic ecosystems to develop successful long-term solutions for the integrity of watersheds. She also has extensive experience developing and implementing environmental education programs. She is dedicated to supporting the team and planning logistics for the 2022 Arctic Rivers Summit in Anchorage, Alaska. 

Sabre received her BA, MS, and PhD from CU Boulder in Environmental Studies and Environmental Engineering, respectively. She is passionate about collaborating with interdisciplinary teams, including scientists and Indigenous peoples, for advancements in environmental science and climate change research.

“One of my goals for the Arctic Rivers project is supporting Indigenous community members as pro-active leaders in co-production to shape the development of research about our changing environment to protect the health and future sustainability of ecosystems and livelihoods.”