Webinar 1: The Sensitivity of Alaskan & Yukon Rivers, Fish, & Communities to Climate

Webinar 2: Developing Actionable Climate Data with Indigenous Guidance - Arctic Rivers Project

On May 2020 we launched our Alaskan and Yukon River Webinar Series, which you can view here or above. 

Upcoming webinar topics: 

  • Equitable co-production of knowledge

  • Protection of Indigenous Knowledges

  • Indigenous planning perspectives

  • Climate modeling – future scenarios, pros and cons of different choices

Upcoming Events:

Arctic Rivers Summit – In 2022, we will host a gathering to bring together Tribal and First Nation resource managers, Arctic and Boreal community members, and academic, federal, state, and provincial researchers. Forty-two scholarships to support attendance will be provided to members of Alaska Native Villages and First Nation Communities. Contact us at arcticrivers@colorado.edu to find out more.