Brooks headshot
Environmental Studies • University of Colorado at Boulder


Cassandra Brooks is an Assistant Professor in Environmental Studies at CU Boulder. She is an interdisciplinary scientist, working at the intersections of research, policy, and public engagement. Cassandra has a strong research background in marine science and has focused the last 15 years of her career on Antarctic ecosystems. She was instrumental in the creation of the world’s largest marine protected area, located in the Ross Sea, Antarctica.

For the Arctic Rivers Project, Cassandra has focused on outreach and communication. She designed the project website and social media to help spread the news of the project widely. In the later stages of the project, Cassandra will help use her marine science background to help build and analyze the fish bioenergetics models. 

Cassandra will take her Antarctic marine science expertise and explore where it fits into a polar opposite (literally) environment. She is excited to be involved in the human-dimensions of this project towards helping develop an excellent example of co-production of knowledge with indigenous communities. She thinks the Arctic Rivers Project has the potential to be “exciting for science and even more importantly helpful for communities!”.