Andy Newman
National Center for Atmospheric Research


Andy Newman is a project scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR). Working with the Arctic Rivers Project, Newman is helping develop regional climate and land surface models. These models will play a vital role in providing insight into streamflow, snow, and permafrost, as well as inputs to stream temperature and fish modeling studies.


From a young age, Newman was passionate about atmospheric science. Growing up, Newman states that he “would stay up late and watch the weather channel when there was a hurricane in the Atlantic basin...the National Hurricane Center gives new advisories around every six hours, so I would try and stay up as late as I could to get the next advisory update. It was ridiculous.” 


For Newman, his homerun scenario for the Arctic Rivers Project would be “showing people that this co-production idea really works well if you do it have communities integrate it into planning...if we can look back and say, alright the data that we produced didn’t just appear to be usable, it has been used in these reports and in these communities, that would be great to see.”